General Supplier Guideline

Requirements and benefits

Our requirements placed on you as a Patriarch Consulting supplier or a provider interested in future collaboration, as outlined below, are an important pillar for an efficient and successful business relationship. Your fundamental willingness to accept the obligations is a prerequisite for our mutual business relations.​

From you as a supplier we expect a dedication to accept and implement the following requirements:

  • Zero defect quality: suppliers need to commit to zero defect quality targets

  • Cost performance: year over year savings above market level

  • Logistic excellence: fulfillment of Patriarch Consulting‘s logistic requirements

  • Drive innovation: proactively initiate VA/VE activities as a contribution to Patriarch Consulting‘s technological advancement

  • Global capability: support of our global activities as and where required

  • Corporate social responsibility: adherence to the Patriarch Consulting supplier code of conduct

Supplier Management

  1. Quality Management System

The supplier agrees to maintain a certified, process-oriented quality management system (QMS). The minimum requirement for this system is the latest version of DIN EN ISO 9001 plus fulfillment of Minimum Automotive Quality Management System Requirements for Sub-Tier Suppliers“ (MAQMSR) or equivalent, with the ultimate objective of becoming certified to IATF 16949.

    2. Selection/assessment classification

New suppliers are evaluated by means of standardized selection processes to determine whether they are able to contribute to Patriarch Consulting’s future success. Technical, economical, quality and logistic aspects are assessed. After their initial registration – where available – via the Patriarch supplier portal new suppliers are asked to provide information about their company and conduct an initial quality self-assessment. Furthermore, suppliers shall upload or submit their quality audit certificates to vouch for the eligibility of their provision of automotive parts. Afterward, a physical audit is conducted at the supplier’s site. Once the supplier has successfully passed the quality audit and accepted Patriarch Consulting‘s standard contracts, the supplier can be nominated for future business. This process is usually managed by the responsible buyer of the relevant material group.

     3. Supplier Evaluation

The suppliers of Patriarch Consulting play a significant role in achieving our goal of zero-defect deliveries. Pursuing this target, supplier evaluation is an important element used to measure our supplier‘s performance, impacting also future sourcing decisions. We aim for close collaboration with our suppliers, building on best-in-class delivery performance. The overall delivery performance is assessed against the four criteria of logistics, quality, cost, and technology, influencing the supplier classification. Besides this yearly overall supplier evaluation, Patriarch Consulting conducts quality and logistics supplier evaluations on a monthly basis. If Patriarch Consulting’s expectations regarding the aforementioned criteria are not fulfilled by the supplier, the supplier must implement measures to fulfill the Patriarch Consulting expectations.

The conditions about :

Supplier Development


Supplier Code of Conduct

Patriarch Requirements etc..

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